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Wilfax Duo

Wilfax Duo pays tribute to a variety of artists, covering all the great decades of music.

For guitar player Willy Beecher, live music means live music.

For award winning vocalist, Brooke Lambkin, singing some of the best songs ever written means getting to live the highs and lows of life night after night.  

You want it to rock, we rock it. You want it soulful and bluesy, we've got that too.


Wilfax Duo can cover it all.


Brooke Lambkin loves getting to sing in Wilfax Duo

Since her teens, award winning vocalist/guitarist/songwriter, Brooke Lambkin has been working with some of the music industry's top professionals. As a songwriter and a singer, she has performed with groups that opened for Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac and others. She performed for Disney, has sung for radio commercials, and spent over decade in one of AXS TV's promoted "World's Greatest Tribute Bands", Space Oddity. She loves wailing out gospel blues, but has fun singing anything from jazz standards and classic rock to folk and modern pop. Let her listen to a track once and she'll sing it back to you almost note for note on the first take. "I love listening for where the songwriter wants to build tension, emotion, or just good old fashioned fun in their song. Getting to express all the feels that others have written about is like free therapy. As much as making music provides an outlet for the audience, it's providing an outlet for me as well."


Now that she's working with Willy Beecher interpreting classic songs that have been special to so many people for so long, Brooke is excited to help provide a safe space for people to lay their cares down long enough to refresh and recharge and have some fun while they're at it.

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